Innovative material

Eco & Green

Modular & DIY

Quick but Durable


Precise & Functional

Built in 7 days but lasts for decades

Pixel Haus® open a new era with solutions that innovate the building industry, which for decades has unchanged. It builds any type of houses very quickly-typically in less than a week-yet it is durable and strong enough to be used for the US military.


Pixel Haus® brings high-performance insulation that meets the passive House standard, but at an affordable cost. At the same time, it cares for the environment. It does not produce VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, dust and or noise throughout the whole building process. We are proud to introduce this game-changing building solution.

Pixel Haus 82 sqm under construction

A game changing housing solution based on novel composite materials

RC(Reinforced Concrete) Structure

Wall Section

Pixel Haus® Structure

Wall Section

Pixel Haus® uses LitePan®  C-SIP(composite-structural insulation panel) technology. By its large size-up to 2.7m x 12.0m as a single panel-and considerable structural properties, high level of insulation and waterproof / watertight seal capability, LitePan® can eliminate most of the energy-and time-consuming steps in the building process. 

Most of Pixel Haus® designs can be built within a week, regardless of floor dimension, and are designed to be built as DIY (Do It Yourself) construction. This technology is truly green and Eco-friendly, and housing designs have been developed to meet modern expectations for style and comfortable.


Because Pixel Haus® uses the highest-quality and highest-performance building materials while saving energy and time, it delivers the most price- competitive houses to customers.

Innovative materials and process

The key material used in Pixel Haus® construction is Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites (LiteTex®) and laminated Composite SIP (LitePan®), developed and manufactured by AXIA Materials Co., Ltd. These composite materials have already been widely used in a variety of applications, in the automotive, military, aerospace, and civil engineering industries.

All Pixel Haus® materials are the result of advanced engineering development and are manufactured using the latest in seamless quality control systems.

Car loading on top of 100mm LitePan
LitePan with 2.7m x 12.0m

Energy efficiency and comfort

Pixel Haus® provides a well-insulated thermal structure enclosure to ensure that the desired temperature inside the house stays that way with less energy and cost. Composite SIP construction prevents thermal bridges which conduct heat and cold in and out of the enclosure. Airtight connections between these panels is one of the key technologies in Pixel Haus® construction, enabling consistent indoor and surface temperatures with minimal energy expenditure.  It also does not allow any cold draughts  or hot areas. And all of this requires no construction expertise.

R-values measure a material’s resistance to thermal conductivity. For traditional stick-built construction with fiberglass insulation, R-values range from R12 to R38, while walls and roofs made with LitePan® have a much higher resistance to heat transfer, typically from R25 to- R50

(U-value of 0.04 - 0.02 W/m2K).

Pixel Haus IR camera
Zero thermal bridge of Pixel Haus

Affordable cost but with best hardware

More than 50% of housing cost is from labor and construction time. Pixel Haus® dramatically reduces labor and construction time, providing a very cost-effective housing solution while using the best materials and construction designs.

Pixel Haus cost comparison

Pixel Haus® will use the best building materials with high quality. But with saving labor cost and time. Pixel Haus® will deliver affordable cost to customers.

Pixel Haus® is produced by a fully automatic production line. All of its constituent processes are designed to have seamless and consistent quality.

More than a Pre-fab,

functional and precise

automatic drawing on LitePan

Each LitePan® panel is designed using CAD, and that CAD file is transferred throughout the manufacturing process to ensure each panel's accuracy and correct installation on-site.

This precise part manufacturing and installation process is green, using minimum energy with very low CO2 emissions.

We can pack the whole system into a standard-sized flat-package and deliver to anywhere in the world.




Eco & Green

Pixel Haus® materials have zero emission of VOC (volatile organic compounds), and there is no noise, dust, or usage of single drip of water during  the Pixel Haus® building process, making it a truly green and Eco-friendly housing solution. Most of the materials are also fully recyclable.

Operation of Pixel Haus® also consumes much less energy than conventional homes, and the high performance insulation can realize a truly Net-zero Energy Home.

Thus, Pixel Haus® customers can contribute to climate protection and sustainability, without sacrificing comfort.

Net zero energy house, off-grid house

Net-zero Energy House

The Pixel Haus® team is working on true Net Zero Energy Home solutions, developing a range of energy sources including solar, wind, and ground heat systems. We are also working with many energy-saving HVAC system suppliers.