Pixel Haus Holding LLC is establishing headquarters in Delaware, USA opening many subsidiaries and local offices, for example in Seoul, Copenhagen, Dallas, Los Angeles, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, North -Africa, and Tokyo. 


Pixel Haus® is bringing a range of different-valued solutions to each region, in order to meet local needs and customs. For example, in Northern Europe we deliver the best Eco-friendly and low- labor housing solutions, while in North -Africa we deliver homes prices to be affordable in that market. 


Team Pixel Haus is inviting various groups to collaborate as one -global -team. We are working on wide range of housing solution developments, including embedding of renewable energy sources and, IoT (Internet of Things) into housing systems, as well as CAD and modular model developments.




We welcome new partners. Anybody who is interested in being part of  Team Pixel Haus please contact:


While the  demand for houses has sharply increasing during the last decades, there has not yet been a clear solution in the building industry to  deliver a large volume of houses in a short time period, while ensuring a green and sustainable process that also maintains high-quality and comfortable dwellings. 


And yet, the building sector contributes about 30% of global annual greenhouse gas emissions and consumes up to 40% of all energy. which This means the more we build houses, the worse the environmental situation becomes.


From the beginning, we have been developing new solutions to meet these conflicting goals with new materials and process.


Pixel Haus® uses AXIA Materials Co., Ltd.'s innovative LiteTex®  thermoplastic composite and LitePan® laminate pane system, which changes the building industry’s paradigm from “constructing houses” to “making houses”.

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