More than 30 original and fundamental patents are registered in the US, Europe, Japan, China and Korea for LitePan® (the composite SIP material used to construct PixelHaus®) and its related raw materials, as well as PixelHaus® construction technologies.


PixelHaus® is an affordable solution, certified and available around the world, to protect customers from the low-quality housing materials and construction so prevalent today.

Holding globally original patents



PixelHaus® has achieved certifications and official inspection reports for load-bearing 1-hour fireproof construction testing, VOC-free (no Volatile Organic Compounds) materials and construction, Heat Transmission and Soundproof performance, and other performance testing in the US, Korea, the European Union (EU) and other countries.


Original copies can be sent upon request along with the further explanation of the standards and which are applicable per each country.

Certified test data and inspection reports

PixelHaus®, LitePan®, and LiteTex® are officially registered trademarks and their use is strictly protected in the US, Korea and other countries.


Use of these trademarks and logos without prior consent by PixelHaus® may lead to legal action.


PixelHaus® guarantees to supply the highest quality products and solutions. Enforcing our trademarks and patents, and continuing to pursue new high-performance building certifications, is part of our commitment to deliver quality and performance to our customers worldwide.

Globally registered trademark