Emergency, disaster, mobile shelter

EMERGENCY HOME from Pixel Haus® provides temporary disaster housing or shelters that can be built very quickly yet are structurally stable, waterproof and provide high insulation performance. The standard size EM 90 and modular variations EM 60 and EM 120 are available. More variations are possible to meet specific site requirements.

Standard Size:

EM 90

9m x 3m (30' x 10')

27m2 (300 ft2)

Modular Variations:

EM 60

6m x 3m (20’ x 10’)

18m2 (200 ft2)


EM1 20

12m x 3m (40’ x 10’)

36m2 (400 ft2)


 For plumbing, electric cabling and city gas piping, Pixel Haus® POWER PACK can be supplied with EMERGENCY HOME. Providing an all-in-one utilities connection  bridge for the to home, POWER PACK can be easily connected on- site without an expert engineer.

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