Axia and Laminaheat signed on agreement for Carbon heating systems and its distribution in Korea.   April, 2018

We proudly announce that Axia and Laminaheat signed on the agreement on Laminaheat's carbon based heating solutions business in Korea as well as its further development for Composite Housing systems of Axia. 

We believe that with Laminaheat's advanced carbon fiber based heating system will add huge value in building industry in saving energy, time, labor.

ComfortFilm from Laminaheat for example can be easily laminated on LitePan from Axia and the heating requires only 30-50 volts to heat the floor, wall, ceilings. 

The applications of this system together with composite is countless. It can be from bath room heating/insulation, house heating, de-icing applications, logistics, furnitures, etc.

All the Laminaheat products already have CE and UL certifications. 

Axia Materials' Composite Building system introduced in

JEC Magazine April, 2018

JEC Magazine April, 2018 wrote articles about Axia's Composite Building system and its technology.

We are proud to introduce our advanced building systems with this composite materials technology.

This 4 pages of articles is also introducing recent Axia's development for Steel-Composite hybrid building systems. 


JEC WORLD in PARIS  Mar. 6 ~ 8, 2018

AXIA Materials with Exel Composite are introducing Smart City with Building Solutions during JEC World Paris


During Mar 6 and 8, 2018 in Paris Nord Villepinte

Axia Materials together with Exel Composites, a pultrusion and pulwinding company in Finland, will make presentation about next generation of smart city house solutions.  Conference will be made at 10:25 am on Mar. 6

International Exhibition on Smart Technology S for Sustainable Development & Procurement (STS&P 2017) _ November 30 ~ December 02, 2017

Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Korea

November 30 ~ December 02, 2017
International Exhibition on Smart Technology for Sustainable Development & Procurement (STS&P 2017)

In order to provide ideas on how to overcome serious poverty, hunger, disease and environmental pollution worldwide, the International Exhibition on Smart Technology for Sustainable Development & Procurement (STS&P 2017), took place from Nov 30~ Dec 2, 2017 on Songdo, Incheon. The show is hosted by United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UN FCCC, and various international NGOs, and AXIA Materials is invited to introduce new way of building solutions, LitePan®, and polymer technology based new building material, LitePan®.


In this context, AXIA Materials also presented its philosophy to overcome the rapidly increasing house demand and supply new job opportunities simultaneously, which will be the one of key solutions for sustainable growth, especially in Asian & African countries. Also, AXIA Materials showed its good will for Environmental Friendly solutions for Earth by the collaboration of AXIA’s eco-friendly construction technology and GridWiz’ off-grid renewable energy technology.

2017 KOREA WOOD SHOW _ November 09~12, 2017

Korea wood show

November  09~12, 2017

KINTEX  Gyeonggi-do, Korea

November 09~12, 2017
2017 Korea wood show

The Korea Wood Show, a leading trade show for wooden housing and furniture in Korea was held in November 9-12, 2017 at KINTEX, Ilsan.

AXIA Materials is invited to the booth of Taewoon Wood, the Korean largest heavy timber pre-cut company, to present ‘C-SIP & CLT Hybrid Structure’ which is a hybrid structural solution with LitePan and timber wood.


This show will be a good opportunity for both companies to work closer to bring new construction & housing hybrid solutions in addition to AXIA Materials’ Composite Panel solution.

JEC asis International Composites Event _ November 01~03, 2017

COEX Seoul, Korea
01~13 November 2017
JEC Asia 2017 & ICF

AXIA Materials attended the JEC Asia 2017 and International Carbon Festival during Nov 1~ 3, held in Seoul, Korea as an associated exhibitor of 'Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology'. 

AXIA Materials successfully introduced the new way of building concept 'Pixel Haus' and its unique technologies to the composites industry and CEO, Justin made a speech in a separate conference session.

CompositesWorld (CW) Journal Aug. 2017 edition _ Aug. 1, 2017

One of the most well known Composites Journal, CompositesWorld (CW) made articles about Pixel Haus and AXIA Materials Co., LTD., in Aug Edition. 

This 7 pages of press is describing very well the value of composites in building industry.

Full articles  PRESS this Link

Homify Magazine Article (16th July 2017)

Article about Pixel Haus is published in German housing & interior magazine, Homify on 16th July 2017. (CLICK)



KAMLA VILLANUEVA       16 July, 2017

For families that are just starting out, owning a small minimalist style home made of prefabricated materials may be just what you need. …

PIXELHAUS® Tiny House collection on Korean TV

23 April, 2017

Three homes from the PixelHaus® Tiny home Collection are featured in a Korean TV show, on air from Apr 25, 2017.


Three middle-aged Korean professionals — an actor, a chef, and a singer — are escaping from their routine lives, each spending days in a different PIXELHAUS® Tiny Home.


One flat-roof PixelHaus® Tiny Home design and two gabled-roof designs were constructed on-site for the show. All are less than 20 m2 in footprint with a loft bedroom and finished on the exterior with either cement board or stone spray.


Built within a few days and offering the highest-quality construction and finishes, these PixelHaus® Tiny Home models can be used for a vacation retreat, granny (mother-in-law) home, guest house and many other purposes.

AZL Newsletter, page 2       March, 2017

AXIA Materials, the development specialist and provider of composite material announced the launch of PIXELHAUS®, the brand for house construction solution with composite panels. …

HEATHER CALIENDO       6 June, 2016

TaSM has completed 72 two-story and 25 single-story shelters under an IDIQ contract to provide the U.S. Army with Tactical Energy Efficient shelters for the Kuwait Energy Efficient Project (KEEP) at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. AXIA Materials Co. Ltd., Hwaseong, South Korea, provided the interior and exterior thermoplastic composite skins. …


Stuttgart, Germany

18-19 September, 2017

3rd International Composites Congress (ICC)

AXIA Materials will speak at the 3rd ICC on September 18.

This congress presents current trends, new applications and technologies and an overview of worldwide market developments in composites.

Chicago, Illinois, US

20-22 June, 2017

Co-located with TechTextil North America, this new show was dedicated to one of the most promising composites market segments: Building & Civil Engineering, the 3rd largest growing market for the U.S. Composites Industry.

AXIA Materials exhibited and met with key players in the global development of composites for building/construction.

Paris, France

14-16 March, 2017

AXIA Materials exhibited in partnership with AZL.

(will be updated soon)

Venice, Italy

6-18 November, 2016

PIXELHAUS® was introduced as a solution for "Green, Eco-friendly building solutions." The aim of the Festival is to propose to broader audiences possibilities of transformations, reflections and alternative modalities to reframe environmental issues. Knowledge access and information flow are highly important as actual environmental emergencies urge a radical change of perspective and practices.

Dallas, Texas, US

6-18 November, 2015

AXIA Materials introduced its new LiteTex®, LitePan® and LitePreg® products to the US market.